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“A real professional in the true sense of the word, with no drama and a great work ethic.”

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh

Actor & Writer known for his creation of Phineas & Ferb and animations for The Simpsons.


Another Tongue
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Michelle JonesCasting & Voice Director / Session Producer & Founder of Brilliant Casting

Larissa is an absolute joy to work with. I have put her forward for countless castings because she is brilliant and time after time she is cast for the roles. Larissa is totally professional – always well prepared for castings and recording sessions. Her vocal range is incredible and her ability to bring every character to life with her acting prowess is second to none. Larissa creates a new voice and personality for every character and has often voiced more than one character within the show for me. Larissa was absolutely hilarious as Muriel in Furiki Wheels, she was sexy, kickass and terrifying as Feronia, Gizi in Robozuna, totally adorable as Aunt Lulu and Shani in Kitti Katz and phenomenal as a vast range of characters in Bear Grylls Young Adventurer. We love Larissa - she really is brilliant!

Martin PickFreelance Head of Story & Voice for Netflix

I co-directed Kitti Katz (20 half-hour Episodes of a Netflix CGI series) on which Larissa had starring roles as a voice artist. Her mastery of accents and endlessly energetic personality shine through as a highlight of the voice records. With the same production crew, I was head of story and voice director on Robozuna (40 half-hour episodes for Netflix/ITV) where I worked directly with Larissa and the other actors in the voice records. on top of her effortless versatility and creativity with creating character and the unfailing commitment she gives to every role, she is one of the nicest easiest-going collaborative people to work with.

Jeff 'Swampy' MarshActor & Writer known for his creation of Phineas & Ferb and animations for The Simpsons

Casting Larissa is an easy decision. She has great range; Age, accent, comedy styles, action, drama… She’ll give you what’s on the page just the way you want it, but if asked, she’ll happy play and ad lib with the best of ’em. She has the kind of confidence that makes her able to contribute to the creative process very affectively. Wonderfully fun to direct. A real professional in the true sense of the word, with no drama and a great work ethic. She’s one of the reasons I wish I did more work in the UK.

Ed BignellCEO & Creative Director of Kids Cave Studios

I love working with Larissa as not only does she have the ability to deliver incredibly rich character voices, she is also quite simply a brilliant actor. She brings depth and realism to scenes that surpass the high expectations you have in your mind’s eye when creating and writing for your characters. Always able to nail the specific performance you’re looking for - from dangerously dramatic to quirky comedy! An absolute pleasure to direct and have as part of your cast.

Nigel StoneCEO Platinum Films, Pinewood Studios

Larissa is an extremely talented and experienced voice-over artist with the ability to bring personality and life to a character through her broad range of voices. Precise, dynamic and professional, Larissa has contributed to a number of our high profile global children's television shows such as Planet Cook and most recently the international hit series, Matt Hatter Chronicles. She is a joy to work with and we look forward to collaborating with her for many years to come.

Dave PeacockDirector, Peacock Sound Ltd

Having working with Larissa on a number of shows I can say she's a pleasure to work with - she takes direction so well. More importantly she is a great actress - she never just gives a 'voice', she always creates a proper character. Oh, and her comic timing is great!

David Max FreedmanWriter & Producer with Clients including Aardman, BBC, Disney, Fox, Gaumont, Ghibli, ITV and Universal.

I’ve worked with Larissa before and I will again… and again. She’s an effortless joy to work with and extremely talented. That goes without saying, but there, I said it!

Vicki WebberFreelance promo director & producer at Channel 4

Larissa is one of my favourite voiceover artists. I have worked with her for a number of years, and have always found her to be very professional. She has a beautiful voice, her reads are always consistent, and she is great at taking direction. Plus, she is an absolutely lovely lady, and it is a pleasure to spend time with her.